Обзор таинственных свойств металла гравилёта

Overview of the mysterious properties of the metal gravity



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Garage Technologies

Alexey Chekurkov



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Hi friends, here is Garage Technologies channel, and today's video



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will be dedicated to a review of this metal that I've often been asked about; the metal my device is made of.



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As you can see this is an aluminum disk, texturized with anodized coating.



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If you take a look at a top wing of any beetle, it's smooth on the top side and rough at the bottom.



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And this roughness almost exactly matches the surface of my disk. So what does it give us?



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I'd like to demonstrate a number of experiments dedicated to testing this metal.



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I've prepared metalic disks, 2 of them are smooth and one has a rough surface.



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I'd like to show you the role of this roughness in producing electricity.



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As you understand we have a galvanic couple here, similar to a simple accumulator.



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Here is common water from the tap, I'd like to see the result of this experiment.



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To begin with, I'll test two smooth disks. The multimeter is set up using the 2 Volts scale.



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And now let's see how much electricity this can produce. Let's submerge the disks, this galvanic couple.



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So it's 0,2, 0,1... wait a bit... 0,2 Volts. This with the smooth disks.



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Yes; 0,2 and now it falls to 0,1. It can depend on the distance.



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We'll take 0,2 Volts for the unit of measurement. And now let's take a look at our special, rough disk, see how much it will produce.



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Connecting it... And here we go: 0,5 Volts.



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As you can see, roughness plays some role here. It's not by chance that beetles have one side smooth and the other side rough.



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It's likely intended to serve as condensator. This structure has its own properties. See how it rises: It's 0,4 Volts now. 0,47.



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And the smooth disks were 0,2 Volts. As you can see, nature is not random, everything has a meaning,



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like top wings of insects with their structure, smooth above and rough below.



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We're using simple tap water. So what we have here is a small accumulator battery.



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There is no acid here, this is a simple tap water; here is the role of the smooth and the rough structure. Look at them together, it's already 0,6 Volts and keeps on growing.



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The smooth disks alone don't give this effect. Mother nature is wise, with space, structure, and matter.



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My task is to unravel these secrets. Every time I do my experiments, something comes up; some things get revealed that astonish even me.



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As you see it still keeps rising; the smooth disks didn't do that. It's a paradox.



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It's a common galvanic couple, common metal; but the properties are different when you add the rough disk.



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Aren't these experiments interesting. Take note of the value, 0,6 Volts.



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Let's add our smooth disk now; and now it falls. 0,5, 0,4. 0,2, 0,1. And smooth disks alone don't do that.



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Alright friends, you've watched some properties of this metal in action. The experiment goes on;



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I'd like to see how the disks behave if I direct the source head of a sonicator at this metal.



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Of course special frequencies have to be picked out. Top wings of beetles aren't fully understood yet.



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They say if you expose them to ultraviolet light they produce electricity, though I haven't tested this experimentally yet. I have no ultraviolet lamp.



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But I'll definitely buy it and run this experiment. There is another interesting thing I'd like to tell you; concerning the same topic.



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I'm always trying to find the easiest levitation method. I'm 100% sure it should be very simple, and I'm overcomplicating it. Genius is simplicity.



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I found a confirmation to that in the Rosewell UFO case. Neither engine nor anything similar was found in the flying dish.



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It was simply an asymmetric condensator from different domes.



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I've already made surveys of this UFO, if you were attentive in watching my videos, there was an "answer to a commentary" in one of them.



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Anyway, I want to tell you something else now. You might have heard, or not, of the scientist by the name of Ignatov. I'll show his photo now.



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And he had this device called "panderoplane". What does it look like to you, from first sight?



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That's right, 4 Tesla coils combined into the shape of a cross, making a vajra. And now take a look at them: a vajra and Ignatov's device, can you see the resemblance?



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And now some more information: In one of the previous videos I told you that Hutchison also used longitudinal Tesla waves,



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starting with 2 coils and more. See, 2 and more coils; there are Tesla coils to be seen here, only they are hexagonal.



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And now let's get back to Grebennikov. As he said, hexagonal cell structures are like a wave beacon. Now look closely at the pictures.



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What do you see? The very same wave coils. Wajra, as well as Grebennkiov's technology, Tesla and Indian mythology.



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Vajra has a cult meaning in India, they say that if you pick it up and pronounce mantras, their power will increased manifold, then your health and so on.



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You can meditate using it; it's a kind of a converter, an antenna, adjusting human mind to thin vibrations of the noosphere.



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Thanks to it, the Indians are getting their information. But let us get back to the panderoplane now.



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Ignatov started creating it when he was with the students at a university; he engineered and tested it.



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The device you see at the picture is a working model used to raise up more than 5 Tons; as you see it reminds of a vajra with Tesla coils.



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So what happened next? He took the schematics to Moscow but never arrived. He was found dead in the train, no briefcase and no schematics on his body.



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As you can see, the powers that be are watchful.



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The levitation project is handled not only by scientists but by laymen as well. Let me show you a video...



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"Several years back A. Loshak had released his movie about the inventor from Ural, Alexander Ivanovich Lukovishnikov, and his Graviton".



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"...You can see Lukovishnikov's flat is decorated by wall hangings..."

"...now it has bare walls..."



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"What do you think makes Lukovishnikov's device float? Please leave your comments below".



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...As we can see from this video, there are no less enthusiasts now, but they are silenced and terrorized.



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I'm also trying to find some simple way, but for now my project is somewhat complex. God willing, I'll find a simple way.



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I also used levitation by using coils, trying to select optimal frequencies, my coils were torn apart.



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If you spool a coil of wires with the diameter of 30 cm, around 100 spuns, and connect it to an electric socket, it starts bouncing.



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This proves that the magnetic field it creates affects the space (it interacts not with other objects but with the space itself).



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Using metallic disks is not necessary; if you just place the coil onto a plexiglass shield, it starts bouncing and vibrating on it.



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Of course Lorentz force is at play too; but anyway it's a very interesting experiment. I'll also try more experiments,



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with ultrasound and these disks, as well as with asymmetric condensator. As you can see, the experiment goes on.



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The next video shall be a transitional one; I'd like to tell you about psychotronic weapons.



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That's a very interesting topic as well. I used to experiment with ultrasound, infrasound. There is one interesting thing I came across.



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I'll tell you all about it in the next video. PT weapon engineering is for another video, not for this one.



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As of now, enthusiasts and laymen continue to work on this; Searl is the only scientist alive who started working on it.



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But he doesn't say anything about the project, he only demonstrated his generator that spins but doesn't levitate. I believe he must have been forbidden from speaking, possibly threatened into silence.



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And I'm telling you all I know, hiding nothing. I'd like to show you my own experiments, take off and landing of my own device, albeit not quite successful.



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As you can see I go on attempting to achieve a perfect graviplane. Some frames I haven't previously shown you I'd like to show you today.



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And you are actually right, my friends, about the last video, the ring that wasn't shown. As I positioned the camera back then, I thought everything was in view, so I must have missed this.



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Everyone is saying they can only see my hands as I opened and closed that ring. If you take another look you'll see I never connect my  hands, the ring just lays down.



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I'll definitely shoot that experiment again. I thought the video would be fine but now I see it really requires a better proof.



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Next time I'll use a hoop that isn't in any way flexible; I'll show it from all sides and throw it over the device so as not to raise any questions.



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Everything should be in view in the frame. So now let's take a look at what I haven't previously uploaded.



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So look at this and enjoy.



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So now you've seen it. I believe I've told you all I wanted in this video. On the metal,



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its chemical properties are irrelevant, what matters is its structure. It can be copper, it can be steel or some other metal.



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What matters is the structure: Rough and smooth. And together these disks make a condensator.



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There is one more thing I haven't shown previously, take a look at these pictures.



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If you charge by using electronic emission (induction machine), whatever object you charge with electrons starts rising



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(if the minus is below and the plus is above). The other way round it goes down.



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Look at the scheme in the top right corner, it's from the Internet (so that you know I don't make it up; all my information comes from the Internet).



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I sum it up, analyze it, use it as a basis for my experiments; and all of it I'm doing in my wonderful garage.



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At the end here I'd like to say thank you to everyone who watched this video and liked it; don't forget to click on the ads, as this would support my channel.

And good luck to all of you, see you soon.