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In 1960, near Hesperia / Apple Valley, California, at the location of the old Osbrink plant on Bear Valley Road, Otis T. Carr opened a unique kind of Research & Development and manufacturing facility – one for designing and building what we know as "flying saucers".  Carr preferred another name for his Tesla-inspired invention: Circular Foil Craft.   According to Ralph Ring, that craft carried three men ten miles across the California desert at the speed of thought.  Of the three ‘test pilots’ - Ralph Ring - is the only one still alive to describe the experience.

July 17, 2011

July 13, 2011


Ralph Ring Interview


Interview Questions & Content*:


  • Some have referred to the OTC-X1 as yours. Is it?
  • Do you possess any operational teleportation craft?
  • What was your role in the construction of the OTC-X1?
  • What was it like working with Otis T. Carr?
  • What kinds of things would Carr say as you worked?
  • What was the function of the crystal?
  • How was the destination frequency determined?
  • Would changing Earth conditions make navigation by frequency impossible?
  • Did the 45' disk fly?
  • Did you see any blue prints or designs for the craft?
  • Describe a typical work day at OTC Enterprises
  • Have any of the blue prints survived?
  • Did Otis Carr know you were about to be raided?
  • Where is the OTC-X1 today?
  • You attempted to build a floating house?
  • Photographs of William ‘Walter’ Baumgartner's prototype craft*
  • Discussion of drawings in Ralph's collection
  • What materials were used for the craft’s insulators?
  • CG energy animations of the craft by liquidbudha.studios*
  • About the craft's aerial (antenna)
  • About the spindle or central shaft
  • What is your advice to people who want to help?
  • What is your status as a Knight (of Malta, St. John or Templar)?



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Ralph and Marsha Ring interviewed by James Gilliland


James Gilliland, of the ECETI Estate in Trout Lake, WA, lived in Apple Valley at the time Otis T. Carr was operating his Enterprise.  As a child, James knew about the flying saucer plant, had seen the billboard, and used to ask his mother to tour Carr's facilities; but, she had always refused.  During this interview, James describes the stir caused in the town when Carr had successfully tested one of his prototype circular foil craft.


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