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Back in 2016, during one of my conversations with the late William Mills Tompkins the topic of disclosure came up.  As you may know, Tompkins wrote Selected by Extraterrestrials, a biography that covers his life’s extraordinary work with US Navy Intelligence during WWII, where he sat in on debriefings of operatives who had infiltrated various labs in Germany. Packages of technological data gleaned from the debriefings were assembled.  Subsequently, Tompkins hand-delivered them to universities, branches of the US military, aviation manufacturing groups, and others organizations on behalf of the late Admiral Rico Botta and the US Navy.

After the war, whilst working for Douglas Aircraft (DAC), Tompkins worked as a draftsman and later transferred into DAC’s think tank, where he developed a unique working relationship with three secretaries — Nordic extraterrestrial secretaries, to be precise. During one of our conversations, Tompkins divulged that he was in constant telepathic communication with them for a period of four years. When it ceased, Tompkins said he missed them dearly.  From personal experience, I completely understood.

In his book, Selected by Extraterrestrials, Tomkins describes how they arranged a meeting for him with the heads of NASA, Kurt Heinrich Debus and Wernher von Braun. Without the knowledge or consent of upper management, the Nordics arranged everything for Tompkins – they booked his flight, crated-up bulky presentation models, rented a truck to transport the crate, and arranged for seemingly magical access to a secure NASA facility, where gates opened, and security personnel escorted him and his crate to a meeting room.  Tompkins ultimately pitched solutions to many unsolved problems facing the fledgling Appolo program.  Tomkins had gone rogue in the eyes of management, who wanted him and ihs Vice President fired.

Should I do full disclosure?

During our conversations and over period of weeks, Tompkins had asked for my opinion on twice.  He asked whether he should do full disclosure.  I didn’t know what he wished to fully disclose that he had not already.  My answer came the third time he asked.  It was an hour before we were to produce a series of interviews with him and Dr. Robert Wood.  In the car, he says, “Before we go in, I have a request. Please don’t ask me about…”

Tompkins had never divulged anything of what he’d just described.  None of it was present in his book; so, these things he mentioned were not on my slate of discussion topics.  My advice to him was the same as before.

Whatever claims you choose to disclose publicly, proceed with caution.  The people you address will hold your feet to the fire on everything you say.  Some are trained investigators.  Some are not.  Regardless, for any claims you make, they will forever attribute you as the sole source.  If you disclose anything that is not yours, not personally experienced by you, something you heard from someone else, or something you surmised to be true, be sure to cite your sources.  Even if you explicitly cite a source, it won’t matter.  You’re standing in the limelight.  You become the source.  Whatever you say will take on a life of its own and become legend.  The decision is yours.

At the time, Tompkins had already accepted Dr. Robert Wood’s invitation to present at the 2017 MUFON Symposium.  He had begun building his presentation deck; so, I have no doubt the question was fresh on his mind: How much, if anything, should he divulge?  He ultimately chose not to discuss what he shared with me, and for good reason.  He’s not the primary source.  In fact, based on my conversations with him, when I had a chance to drill down to the details, I learned that Tompkins was two steps removed from the source.  That didn’t prevent him from letting a little of it slip during his one-and-only interview with Kerry Cassidy, which would be the topic for another post.

During one of our last conversations in his home office over cookies and coffee, Tompkins expressed that disclosure should be managed like a project, one that he wanted to undertake.  As such, he requested my input.  I promised to provide a write-up.

OTC-X1 Flying Saucer by Walter Nowosad | Redbubble

Where to begin?

I invested a few days organizing my thoughts about disclosure, reflected on my consumption of various sources of information, including books I’ve read; Dr. Greer’s Disclosure Project; CE-5 contact group activities I’ve attended; laughable mainstream media reports on UFOs; Tom DeLonge’s organization – To the Stars Academy; videos from Kerry Cassidy’s deleted Project Camelot YouTube channel; Bill Ryan’s Project Avalon Forum; interviews I’ve produced and posted on my YouTube channel, Search4TruthReality; and the numerous people with whom I’ve conversed and corresponded. I also took into consideration my own personal contact experiences with the “visitors”, which is one of the reasons Tomkins and I became fast friends.

I’ve met and interviewed people like: Andrew D. Basiago, who claims to be a “chrono-naut” (time traveler), among other things – our interview remains unpublished at his request; the late Ralph Ring, who claims to have operated an OTC-X1 circular foil craft at Apple Valley, CA in 1960 before it was confiscated in a raid by federal agents of the US Government; Billie Faye Woodard, who claims to be from hollow Earth; Tony Rodriguez, who was a member of the Dark Fleet’s Twenty and Back Secret Space Program; and Bernard Mendez, who was not only present with and assisted Andrew Basiago, William “Brett” Stillings, Regina Dugan, and Barry Soetoro during the Jump Room to Mars program, but he also claims to have been an extraterrestrial negotiator.

Mendez claims that his job was to interface with “the creatures” in a deep underground base at a location he knew as “El Deuce”.  He was to ascertain “the creature’s” materials requirements and “needs” for their underground project of preserving life.  He says he was the only one capable of interfacing with the creatures and had reported directly to the President of the United States, Richard M. Nixon.

There are many hundreds of stories like these circulating online, in books, and from the pulpits of UFO conferences.  Every year, more and more fantastic stories come to light.  Does all of this represent true disclosure?  I wondered whether it’s even possible to determine the veracity of these stories with any level of confidence.  Assuming it’s possible, how would Tompkins’ disclosure project be performed transparently and honorably?  What would be the goals, tasks, milestones?  How do we process or consume an ever-growing elephant masquerading as disclosure?  One bite at a time, I reckon.

If you’ve never tried to define disclosure and how it should manifest as a project, try it.  Otherwise, read on, my friends!  After performing this mental exercise, I’m convinced no consensus exists on its definition, size, and scope.  Feel free to disagree with anything I’ve written here. What you’re about to read is my brief — a brainstorm, really.  I penned this document at the request of William Tomkins in 2016 and revised it for posting today.  It was to be a starting point that Bill and I would later discuss in earnest.  We never got that chance.

In any case, I’ll be the first to admit my thoughts are incomplete.   Forgive me in advance for the loose critiques you’ll read later on. It’s nothing personal. They simply reflect a bit of my frustration with the unknown and unprovable.  I assure you.  I’m harmless and harbor no malice or prejudice.


Perhaps the best place to begin defining disclosure is with a set of critical assumptions; because they tend to set a foundation for everything else that follows.

  • The goal of disclosure it to release the truth.
  • The desired effect of disclosure is enlightenment that begets life enhancing paradigm shifts for all.
  • Witness testimony alone does not constitute full or partial disclosure.
  • Disclosure is not limited to ascertaining the veracity UFOs, UAPs, and extraterrestrials.
  • Information and technology beneficial (BI&T) to all life exists and is being hidden and suppressed
  • Disclosure of BI&T may result in beneficial global paradigm shifts.
  • Information and technology detrimental (DI&T) that is to all life exists and is being hidden and suppressed.
  • BI&T and DI&T is being withheld or hoarded by stakeholders for various reasons.
  • Disclosure of any I&T must include tangible proof.
  • Disclosure should be orchestrated by a trusted entity and executed in complete transparency.


Two terms have been tossed about without any consensus on their definition – Full Disclosure and Partial Disclosure. What are they?

Full Disclosure

Full disclosure involves stakeholders’ and intellectual property owners’ complete and unfettered release of, and global public access to:

  • Physical proof of the veracity of UFOs, UAPs, and extraterrestrials.
  • BI&T and DI&T.

Partial Disclosure

Partial disclosure is a subset of full disclosure, which may imply either:

  • a continuation of hoarding and secrecy of some I&T, or
  • a continuation of secrecy of some I&T by stakeholders for the noble purpose of protecting life.


Stakeholders are people, corporations, governments, and others, who own, control, or otherwise suppress data supporting the veracity of UFOs, UAPs, and extraterrestrials, BI&T, or DI&T. They are best positioned and most capable of affecting disclosure.  They may be the ones that Steven Greer speaks has referenced: People who work in, own, and operate unacknowledged special access projects.


  • The existence, description, history, utilization, and mal effects of DI&T and rationale for not fully disclosing it.
  • Who are we; where did we come from, where are we going?
  • The nature and condition of Earth; our solar system; our universe; the multiverse; and all life in all its forms everywhere.
  • Subterranean intelligent life; subsurface intelligent life; extraterrestrial intelligent life; hyper-dimensional intelligent life; and the truth of our relationship with all of it.
  • Politics & Exopolitics
  • Religion & Spiritualism
  • Truth vs. propaganda
  • The mind-controlled & their controllers’ agendas
  • History of everything
  • Secret societies
  • Break-away civilizations
  • Experimentation, projects, manipulations, and activities undertaken by any being, organization, entity, or other, which is detrimental to intelligent life.
  • Any experiment, project, manipulation, or activity that violates individual sovereignty; deliberately altars the natural order of life; restricts or risks intelligent life, including humans and others, from attaining their full potential.


  • Zero-point energy; cold plasma energy; free energy; clean fuels
  • Anti-gravity or gravity cancellation & faster-than-light travel
  • Intergalactic spaceships and travel
  • Time travel and teleportation
  • Health Cures & non-allopathic medicine
  • Life extension
  • Mind-control
  • Geo-engineering, HAARP, weather modification
  • Weaponization of biology and genetics


  • Ceasing all utilization of DI&T that includes such things as nuclear power, nuclear weapons, time travel, genetic manipulation, cloning, etc.
  • Identifying a trusted entity to orchestrate and communicate all disclosure activities.
  • Releasing people from long-term security oaths and authorizing them to publicly disclose.
  • Non-compliance, continued hoarding, greed, fear.
  • Releasing BI&T in such a way that is accessible to all and does not create strife, chaos, violence, retribution, etc. Social and religious norms come to mind.
  • Determining an effective means of disseminating I&T.
  • Engaging in non-genuine, misleading, or dishonest disclosure schemes, events, or activities that could be unwittingly founded upon false assumptions and disinformation.
  • Relying solely upon witness testimonies – such as Steven Greer’s Washington DC Press Club event in c.2001. While this kind of event is admirable and may serve to increase awareness within the Disclosure community, it would not achieve the goals and desired effects of disclosure.
  • Acquiring unequivocal empirical proof that BI&T exists and is being withheld. Without proof, the only reasons to engage in disclosure activities may be to propagate a hoax; to foster mass delusion; to control thought; to retain control, profit, and power, etc.
  • Identifying, vetting, and fully engaging cooperation of valid stakeholders to come forward, share, and prove their I&T in a timely manner and with no delay.
  • Copyright and patent violations
  • Full Disclosure self-destruction – vigilance is of key importance. Disclosing un-vetted and unproven DI&T and BI&T could be problematic, especially when such I&T is founded upon speculation, assumptions, witness testimony, or less than empirical evidence. Narratives of grim aspects of alleged ET abductions for enslavement and other unsavory activities are examples.
  • Delineating BI&T from DI&T and shifting global thought away from fear and control becomes challenging. In the face of empirical evidence, people will stick with the lies they’ve been programmed to believe.


From my perspective, there’s a lot of flailing about and conflicting information. Can you see it? There are a number of groups and individuals playing at disclosure. They use the word disclosure to describe their activity; sell conference tickets and books; create membership websites; produce TV shows and movies. None of it amounts to true, transparent, and honorable disclosure that meets its goal and desired effects. Instead, what’s being announced from the pulpits at conferences?

We are the disclosure! Hazzah!

Yea right. Give me a break.

I’m not saying don’t have conferences and don’t sell books. I’m saying please, give careful consideration to what true disclosure is and how it manifests, where everyone benefits significantly after it occurs. Be real about it.

We have acquired increased awareness. Thank you, Dr. Greer and others, for your efforts.  We also have entertainment, which is fine. We get to see stories and testimonies and unsolved mysteries, but let’s not delude ourselves.  When we spend our money, is disclosure what we’re getting.  The litmus test is: What’s changed?

Let’s agree to stop labeling these efforts as disclosure.  After all is said and done, after the conference ends, after the books have been sold, after the party is over, mysteries remain.  In the wake of all this, are we not barking up the wrong tree?  Tick tock.  Time marches on.  Nothing changed.  Nothing improved.  Nothing shifted for the better.  If the truth is out there, the stakeholders must have it all and they aren’t budging.  Either that, or there’s nothing to disclose.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.
~ Albert Einstein

Efficacy of Disclosure Groups, Events, Products

Here are the issues:

  • ineffective / panacea – no changes or improvements in the human condition occur after decades of attending events and consuming products; but, golly, people feel a little better.
  • self-serving – events, products, and media are created for profit, non-profit, entertainment and other purposes and may serve to distract from real disclosure.
  • all sizzle and no steak – the focus is on raising the awareness of myriad narratives, rather than cracking the system of fear and hoarding by stakeholders.
  • no common vision or goal – no agreement on disclosure’s goals and results – information vs. disinformation.
  • limited in scope – focused on just one aspect, such as sightings and UFO narratives or other topics mired in conspiracy.  Conspiracy and infighting seem to be a natural byproduct, especially after large sums of money have been invested or donated, to no avail.

Guys let’s stop banging our heads against the wall. Look in the mirror.  Our heads are battered, bruised and bloodied. Some of us have been banging our head against the same wall for decades.  All the while, we’re blinded from our own blood streaming into our eyes.  Where — is —  the — disclosure?

Clearly, what we’re doing is not achieving the goal.  Listen to what Grant Cameron has said. The CIA wants to feed us clandestine disclosure, again and again and again. It’s been done before; and, if what Grant says is true, they’ll continue doing it.

Raising Awareness

How long will we continue distracting ourselves with people’s narratives; chasing lights in the sky; investigating sightings, and hoping to uncover some shred of physical evidence? When will we focus on acquiring unequivocal proof beyond fuzzy pictures and stories? The only way to make it happen is by unveiling the stakeholders and their secrets. Lately, Dr. Greer seems to be taking this approach. He’s been calling on people on the inside to come out. This represents a decent first step at identifying stakeholders.

I don’t think the Collective’s rising awareness has gone unnoticed by the stakeholders; otherwise, why one billion dollars?  Grant says someone with deep pockets is willing to spend a billion dollars on a form of disclosure through Hollywood that I’ll label Clandestine Disclosure – hidden disclosure – partial disclosure – coded disclosure.  Its purpose is to distract you from truth and reality – to divert your attention away from stakeholders and truth.

The CIA “messiahs” Grant mentions are stakeholders’ pawns. Don’t eat the billion-dollar media tripe.  If and when it starts to come out, go past it, dig deeper. Don’t take it at face value. Regardless of how big it may seem be, don’t be satisfied.  Ask probing questions.  Insist on ripping back their façade to reveal the people and secrets lurking behind it.  Bring them and their information and technology into the light for all to see and benefit from. No more whistle-blowers – no more coded-symbolism entertainment – enough with the media games.  It’s time to find these people and insist on nothing less than clear, honest, unadulterated communication of truth.

About the Author

Walter Nowosad

Walter is best known for his YouTube Channel, Search4TruthReality. After interviewing the late Ralph Ring about his experience operating a man-made flying saucer, Walter assembled a team of engineers and volunteers to develop an operable levitating craft. Earlier, Walter served in the U.S. Army during the Cold War as a Combat Military Policeman. After, he studied Criminal Justice at CSU, Sacramento; and earned Applied Science degrees in Electroncis and Networking Technologies at Heald Institute of Technology. After graduation, Walter built a career in Information Technology as a Systems Administrator, Supervisor, and Operations Manager.

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