Essential DOCUMENTS & URL's for those interested in constructing a prototype model of Carr's OTC-X1 Circlular Foil Craft.
updated: January 11, 2016

Otis T. Carr's Coded Poems
Dimensions of Mystery (14 MB) by Otis T. Carr, 1958. We're told that Carr, who was a Rosicrucian, had encoded into this set of poems his secrets of constructin an operational circular foil craft. Ralph says that when the time is right, when humanity is ready, we'll figure it out. Are you ready?

Kit Plans
Otis T. Carr's Toy Kit Plans (17 MB) of the OTC-X1. The pods are using this doucment as a guide for the construction of their prototypes. It lacks wiring and other crucial information needed to construct an operational craft. Carr passed away in 1983. Ralph Ring is the last known surviving member of OTC, Enterpirses.

US Patent
Otis T. Carr's US PATENT for his AMUSMENT DEVICE (387 KB). Clearly, this is an amusment park ride that is anchored to the ground. The pods want you to know that the all the bearings and wheels used in this device to create rotation and counter-rotation are not necessary. Part of the story goes something like this: Otis T. Carr wanted to patent the operational inormation; but, they wouldn't let him becuase they violated Newtonian physics and this is what lead him to encode the secrets into his colection of poems, Dimensions of Mystery (14 MB)

Tesla's Monopolar Motor Notes

Read Tesla's Notes on Forbes' Monopolar Motor and watch my video Wiring the OTC-X1 to learn how the pods intend on achieving rotation and counter-rotation with their prototypes.

Mechanical Drawings
These drawings have been provided by a pod member. They were used by machine shops to mill the components of his model. If you decide to construct a craft, don't feel resticted to this set of dimensions. Just know what you're getting into. This is an expensive hobby.
The two documents below supercede the July 2013 (6 MB) set of plans. The new documents have been updated to include:
1) designs for mounting a sliding contact at the edge of the accumulator frame.
2) photographs of his prototype at stages of construction

Janyary 11, 2016 Part 1 of 2 (2 MB)
Janyary 11, 2016 Part 2 of 2 (16 MB)

Atoms for Peace
This is a nice historical piece that Carr had used during his promotional work for OTC, Enterprises. This is one of the documents scanned from Ralph Ring's collection. Some think the images encode some of Carr's secrets. What do you think? Atoms for Peace (187MB). This is a large file. Give it time to download.

Hollow UTRON Concept
This entry is being posted after a viewer of my YouTube channel aksed about hollow UTRONs. The pods say that the hollowed-out part on the inside of the UTRON should be spherical (not cone shaped as in the pic). An inner sphere should consume approximately 50%-75% of the inner volume of the UTRON. The mechanical drawings linked above will help for overall UTRON dimensions.

3D JPG rendering of a hollow UTRON

The above linked image would help to explain to a machine shop what you're going for. While the above concept employs a snap-together arrangement that has not yet been manufactured by anyone I know, I have seen one UTRON that had employed threads.

The threads were located at the interior periphery of the UTRON's spherical hollow. Very fine machine threads were milled into it -- male threads popped up on one side and the female threads were inset. The threaded design allowed the two halves to be screwed together, such that, the seam at the equator could not be seen. My only question about it was weather it could be completely sealed without leaking whatever material you put inside. I'd thougth that a fine groove could machined into the flat face of the half cone to accomodate a small rubber grommett that could - hopefully - ensure a water-tight fit and allow the utron to be snuggly screwed together with no gaps at the equator.

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