The Ralph Ring Story Continues

Today, regular people all over the world are working diligently to bring 'flying saucers' and free-energy to humanity. For now, these people are operating in relative secret – some more so than others. 'CLANDESTINE DISCLOSURE - The Ralph Ring Story Continues' is a docudrama in pre-production. It's the story of a US Army veteran, late 1950's naturalist, and dive equipment technician turned unwitting flying saucer test pilot for OTC, Enterprises in Hesperia, CA. It will dramatize how Ralph and Otis T. Carr's paths crossed; their unexpected poorly-received presentation with a major manufacturer; the successful test flight of a forty-five foot flying saucer; and the subsequent raid by US Troops and the FBI. OTC, Enterprises was shut down, issued a cease and desist order, and, disbanded forever. All materials and the craft were confiscated – buried - never to be seen again...that is until much later through an FOIA request.

Over fifty years later, witnesses have surfaced and the story continues...

Following in the footsteps of Nicola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, and Otis T. Carr's team (Major Wayne Aho, Ralph Ring, Dennis Repulte, engineers, machinists, technicians, and others), a fresh group of visionaries have picked up the baton and are running with it. Will they succeed? Will humanity see free energy devices and 'impossible' flying saucers come to fruition; and if so, will 'they' literally shoot them out of the sky as was purportedly promised back in the late 1950's?

This is a developing story – TODAY. I am following the flying saucer design and construction process. I am hoping this production -- now a television series in development -- will culminate with a successful demonstration and release of functional prototype flying saucers and Renewable Energy units.

Thank you,

Walter M. Nowosad, Jr. - Producer